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LSXCM acts as your gateway, providing access to all of the policies we underwrite. Our strong industry relationships allow us to aggregate hundreds of policies each month and analyze them through a purpose-built, proprietary platform. We negotiate directly with the brokers who represent the policy owners. LSXCM’s connections give our clients access to one of the largest volumes of direct life settlements in the U.S. LSXCM has underwritten over $6 billion in face value over the last 12 months.


Being a successful investor in the Life Settlement market requires money, diligence, and patience. During underwriting,  diligence is the key. Without the right combination of expertise, life settlements can be difficult to value, and under- or  over-estimating the cost or length of a policy can significantly impact returns. When offering for a policy you may lose money by mis-estimating the cost or length of the investment. At LSXCM, we take a patient, deliberate approach. The volume and velocity of policies we underwrite allows us to decline marginal opportunities.  


The closing process for direct life settlements is especially complex. 
Not only can it be an emotional time for the seller and the beneficiaries, 
but the documentation is lengthy and complicated. Documents must be notarized or witnessed and we require sign-off by all beneficiaries. The process is also specifically regulated in 43 states where only certain entities are allowed to conduct the sale of a life insurance policy. Once a Life Settlement is completed and the recission period has expired, the transaction is considered final, so investors need to be confident that a policy is as expected.

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